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Deploy Marketing offers in depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for clients who wish to maintain a continuous marketing effort of targeting valuable keywords in organic search results. SEO is the process of tailoring various aspects of a website (META tags, keywords, images, structure, etc.) to conform with the standards of best practices set forth by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Ensuring that you meet these standards, combined with rating factors of search engine algorithms, will determine what Internet searches produce clicks for your site.

As opposed to Pay Per Click advertising, in which you pay each time a placed ad is clicked, SEO costs virtually nothing once search result positions have been established. SEO typically requires a larger upfront investment for development, but will save you money in the long run versus a continued PPC campaign.

Keyword Research

Icon - SearchThe most important step of any SEO campaign is determining what search terms constitute valuable potential clients. Our team has experience working with a wide range companies in varying industries, but essential to your campaign’s success will be our contact with you, and gaining knowledge about the subtle intricacies of your niche. We evaluate some of your top competitors, seeing what is working for others in the industry, and then evaluate the competitiveness of valuable keywords. We never make any promise or guarantee keyword positions that cannot be fulfilled. Instead, we simply focus on the keywords which we deem provide the greatest opportunity for your success.

Site Architecture

Icon - SitemapAll Deploy Marketing websites are built to W3C site architecture standards, but if you utilize our SEO services we also take the time to properly group and structure pages to accommodate search engine friendliness. This process also may involve adding new pages with SEO friendly titles. These are both small extra steps that many SEO firms don’t take the time to do, but we recognize the value in giving your website every possible advantage in a competitive environment.

Content Optimization

Icon - ContentA well designed website is still just a shell until it is completed with the written content about your company. While learning the important aspects of your business, we place in text from company literature or brochures, a previous website, or even develop new content as needed. When the keyword research phase is completed we ensure that this content is optimized for search engines by strategically placing targeted keywords throughout the site, while also including the types of informative topics that search engines will value.

Link Building

Icon - LinkWhen everything on the website itself has been properly configured, our job is by no means complete. Link building is the process of creating links on valuable websites pointing back to your own, thereby expanding its “reach” across the internet. To accomplish this, we first research the top consumer review sites and business directories that are relevant to your industry. Then, we create/update, submit, and manage these business listings.

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