Introducing Bing Ads, Updates and New Features

Posted on November 2, 2012

Previously known as Microsoft adCenter, the Pay Per Click program used by search engines Bing and Yahoo has officially changed its name to simply Bing Ads. With much of the functionality and options remaining intact, anyone who has worked with the old system will feel right at home. However, as the system has developed, there are a few important changes that have the potential to improve both campaign performance and user experience.

Sitelink Extensions

One of the most important new features of Bing Ads is the ability to include sitelink extensions with any ad. When enabled, sitelinks immediately give PPC ads a richer and more engaging appearance, very similar to that of organic search results. Additionally, this feature gives potential clients the option to directly visit a page that is more relevant to their interests. Each sitelink also collects its own statistics on clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rate, so managers can evaluate performance and make improvements.

Keyword Destination URLs

Another great new feature for improving Bing Ads performance is to set keyword specific destination URLs. Previously, a user would need to create {param1} placeholders that would dynamically place a selected keyword into the URL. This was a somewhat complicated system that was prone to user error. Now, each keyword within an ad group has a simple field where a keyword specific destination URL can be entered. This can improve campaign performance because potential clients will see URLs more relevant to their searches and interests.

Landing Page by Match Type (Coming Soon)

On October 25, 2012 Microsoft announced that they will be adding a new feature into the Bing Ads platform called Landing Page by Match Type. It’s geared towards improving your campaign’s performance and will give the advertiser the ability to set different landing pages depending on the keyword match option selected (broad, phrase, or exact match) within the same ad group. This is a helpful addition to the Bing Ads platform because a custom tailored landing page can be presented to different market segments. For example, a dentist advertising under the keyword “teeth whitening,” could set an exact match to send a visitor to the teeth whitening page. This would be the page most relevant to their expressed interest, and would be most likely to result in a conversion.

Improved Reporting

When viewing the reports tab, a new streamlined layout is immediately noticeable. An outline style navigation displays all available types of reports, and (based on the section of a campaign you were last viewing) settings are automatically inserted into appropriate fields, which makes jumping from one report to another very easy. It is also now possible to run multiple reports at once, set longer date ranges, and save settings for recurring reports. The entire functionality has been improved with speed in mind, meaning the user spends less time making reports and more time analyzing data to make changes. Here is a list of all the new additions to Bing Ads reporting:

  • Run multiple-reports with a single click.
  • Save time navigating reports via streamlined navigation that lets you work on multiple reports and tasks in parallel with zero wait time.
  • Create related reports that share the same settings, with less than half the clicks.
  • Jump straight to the Reports view and find that reporting context, such as time and date parameters, are already automatically set based on the campaign you’re working with.
  • Discover and benefit from many other enhancements: longer date range for Search query report (up to 366 days now), “Create similar” report with a different report type, Relative date range is now appended with absolute dates, e.g. “Last 7 days (10/25/2012- 10/31/2012)”, and more.

Final Thoughts

The new Bing Ads interface has made some vast improvements, largely in response to both customer requests and from observing what have been successful features in Google AdWords. As more important changes are implemented we will continue to keep you updated.

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