Google Plus for Dentists

Posted on October 24, 2011

Google released their new social media platform Google+ on September 21, 2011 and is now directly competing against Facebook. According to The Washington Post, Goole+ is “the fastest growing websites in history”. It took Facebook 3 years to reach 25 million users. It took Twitter 30 months and it only took Google+ 30 days. Now that we know Google+ is here to stay, we can get onto the relevant things, informing you how to take advantage of this new social media outlet for your dental practice. As of October 24, 2011, Google Plus is said to have crossed over the 40 million member continuing their rapid growth.

Google+ Features


You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles make it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life.


The stream is the place to have meaningful conversations with the people you care about. It centralizes all the content people have shared with you, as well as the people who are trying to share with you, but who aren’t yet in your circles. You might see text posts, pictures, videos, links, or location markers. When you share with people either individually or through a circle, your content will appear in their stream.


Google+ has a game room. Play poker, build a new civilization, humiliate a pig, or just click wildly at anything that moves. When you do something worth talking about, it’s easy to share it just with the people interested in your gaming updates. Beating a friend’s high score is always a good excuse to say hi.


Bumping into friends while you’re out is one of the best parts of going out and about. With Hangouts, spontaneity hits the web. Whether you’re home in your pajamas or hitting the streets with your mobile phone, video hangouts let you bring up to 9 people into your world. It’s the next best thing to everyone being there.


There are four ways to add photos to your albums in Google+ and share photos with the people who care about them: 1) Create a new photo post from the stream or the Google+ bar. 2) Add photos to albums on your Google+ Phots homepage or from the Photos tab on your Google profile. 3) Share directly from your mobile device. 4) Share individual photos in the lightbox view.


Coordinating friends can be hard, especially if you’re trying to text a bunch of people at once. Messenger brings all those separate conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone is on the same page with no hassle.

What is The Google +1 Button?

Click the +1 button to give something your public stamp of approval. Then, if you want to share right away, add a comment and send it to the right circles on Google+. The next time your friends and contacts search on Google, they could see your +1. You’ll help them find the best stuff on the web – and you might just start up another conversation!

Google+ for Dentists

Dentists can use Google+ similarly to how they would use Facebook for their practice, you can post photos, status updates, share links and group people in Circles. Your current patients and potential patients want to see what goes on at their dentist’s office. You can engage your target audience by posting photos from holiday parties, new office equipment, office staff and even content or promotion winners. You and your practice can login and stay up-to-date on industry news and events. You can integrate Google+ into your practice’s website or blog using the Google +1 Button so visitors can share content that they find interesting, funny or educational.

Google hasn’t released a business version of Google+ yet but I’d bet it isn’t too far behind. Currently Google+ accounts are for individuals but can share content from any medium, even dental websites. We encourage you to think about integrating Google+ into your dental practice. If you would like to find our more information on how Deploy Dental can integrate Google+ into your practice, give us a call today at 866-981-5111.

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