Facebook Introduces “Graph Search”

January 21, 2013 No comments yet

At a media event last Tuesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg commenced with what had been built up as a major and secretive announcement. The two competing theories that seemed to dominated online discussions was that Facebook would unveil either a phone or a search engine. It turned out to be the latter, and while a […]

The Importance of a Google Author Profile Photo

December 17, 2012 No comments yet

Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are typically very similar in appearance. So, anything that immediately stands out within that blue and white color scheme will help differentiate your business from competitors. (Think gold stars for reviews, map listing icons, photos, etc.) One of the most important distinguishing features that any local business can utilize […]

Facebook Ads to Target Client Lists

August 31, 2012 No comments yet

Facebook is preparing to launch a new tool that allows Pay Per Click advertisers to target their current clients based on existing email or phone number lists. After several users noticed this new feature (which was live only temporarily) Facebook has confirmed that it is in fact real and that it is planned to be […]

Facebook Ads to be Tested in News Feeds

August 22, 2012 No comments yet

On August 14th, Facebook announced that the company will begin a small test of yet another new advertising format, this time placing ads directly into the News Feeds of users. Since this comes at a time when Facebook stock prices have set record lows (almost half the price since its IPO), the possible change is […]

Leveraging YouTube for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

July 13, 2012 No comments yet

One of the most powerful ways for local small businesses to leverage YouTube is to take advantage of the high value Google and other search engines place on video content.  When viewing a Google search results page you have likely noticed that YouTube and other video results are often the most prominently displayed (featuring a […]

Google Plus Local Replaces Google Local Listings

June 19, 2012 No comments yet

The most recent news that has caused a shake up in social media marketing, is the long awaited announcement that Google is abandoning its traditional system of local listings to instead feature Google+.  It’s called Google+ Local, and it is now the standard Google profile for local businesses.  It can be found exactly where local […]

How to Promote and Participate Effectively on Twitter

May 31, 2012 No comments yet

Twitter can present some unique challenges to any business that tries to use it as a marketing or promotional tool.  In our experiences, one of the most often heard criticisms of Twitter is that a business simply does not see any meaningful return for the amount of time and resources invested.  If that is the […]

10 Tips to Maximize YouTube Exposure

May 24, 2012 No comments yet

YouTube is a powerful and interactive way to share your business with potential clients.  However, (as is often the case with Social Media) without proper execution it can easily turn into wasted time, producing videos that are seen by very little of your target audience.  In order to make this a viable marketing opportunity for […]

10 Time Saving Tips for Your Social Media Campaign

April 4, 2012 No comments yet

One of the biggest drawbacks involved with Social Media is the amount of time that it often takes up.  And, since you may not see immediate returns when compared to other marketing options, you may come to the conclusion that your efforts are best invested elsewhere.  Instead of missing out on the enormous opportunity that […]

New Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages

March 2, 2012 No comments yet

On February 29th, Facebook released the biggest update to Fan Pages in over a year, implementing Timeline for Fan Pages.1  Current Fan Pages have until March 30th to update their format before the changes take place automatically, so we have provided this quick guide to help you prepare for what’s new and how it will […]


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