Google+ Local New Category Feature

February 21, 2013 No comments yet

In the latest update to their dashboard, Google has implemented business categories to be included on Google+ Local pages. Previously, these categories were only able to be managed through Google Places (which is being phased out), but this functionality is now all in one central location. These categories are part of the algorithm that determines […]

Video Listing Spotted on Google Local

January 24, 2013 No comments yet

In at least one occurrence so far, a Google search engine results page (SERP) has been observed to include a Google+ Local listing that incorporates a video from the user’s homepage. When performing a search for plumbing charleston sc, it is clearly the most visible and enticing result, as it is the only one with […]

The Importance of a Google Author Profile Photo

December 17, 2012 No comments yet

Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are typically very similar in appearance. So, anything that immediately stands out within that blue and white color scheme will help differentiate your business from competitors. (Think gold stars for reviews, map listing icons, photos, etc.) One of the most important distinguishing features that any local business can utilize […]

New Google Search Results Pages

November 16, 2012 No comments yet

Google has recently implemented a redesign of their search engine results page (known as a SERP). Previously, the menu for additional search tools such as images, maps, shopping, and news was located in the far left column. These options can now be found at the top of your SERP in a horizontal row. While this […]

The Possibilities of a Facebook Search Engine

September 13, 2012 No comments yet

On Tuesday, at a TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the long-expected belief that Facebook will create a search engine to directly compete with industry leader Google. While speaking about the future possibilities of a search engine (and the current plausibility of making such a move) Zuckerberg stated that, “We’re […]

Verifying Your Google+ Local Page

August 17, 2012 No comments yet

In late May, Google announced that Local Listings were being replaced with the aspect of their social network devoted to local businesses, Google+ Local.  Since then, there has been relatively little progress in the area of verifying/merging these new profiles, however, Google has just recently made this option available, so we’ll provide a step by […]

Leveraging YouTube for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

July 13, 2012 No comments yet

One of the most powerful ways for local small businesses to leverage YouTube is to take advantage of the high value Google and other search engines place on video content.  When viewing a Google search results page you have likely noticed that YouTube and other video results are often the most prominently displayed (featuring a […]

Domain Names for Dentists, An Introduction

November 10, 2011 No comments yet

Here at Deploy Dental we want to make sure that our clients and readers are informed on the proper ways to maximize their online presence. We have crafted an article about the 12 things to remember when choosing or purchasing a dental domain name. Read over our 12 recommendations, if you have any questions about […]


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