New Google Search Results Pages

November 16, 2012 No comments yet

Google has recently implemented a redesign of their search engine results page (known as a SERP). Previously, the menu for additional search tools such as images, maps, shopping, and news was located in the far left column. These options can now be found at the top of your SERP in a horizontal row. While this […]

Introducing Bing Ads, Updates and New Features

November 2, 2012 No comments yet

Previously known as Microsoft adCenter, the Pay Per Click program used by search engines Bing and Yahoo has officially changed its name to simply Bing Ads. With much of the functionality and options remaining intact, anyone who has worked with the old system will feel right at home. However, as the system has developed, there […]

The Possibilities of a Facebook Search Engine

September 13, 2012 No comments yet

On Tuesday, at a TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the long-expected belief that Facebook will create a search engine to directly compete with industry leader Google. While speaking about the future possibilities of a search engine (and the current plausibility of making such a move) Zuckerberg stated that, “We’re […]

Facebook Ads to Target Client Lists

August 31, 2012 No comments yet

Facebook is preparing to launch a new tool that allows Pay Per Click advertisers to target their current clients based on existing email or phone number lists. After several users noticed this new feature (which was live only temporarily) Facebook has confirmed that it is in fact real and that it is planned to be […]

Facebook Ads to be Tested in News Feeds

August 22, 2012 No comments yet

On August 14th, Facebook announced that the company will begin a small test of yet another new advertising format, this time placing ads directly into the News Feeds of users. Since this comes at a time when Facebook stock prices have set record lows (almost half the price since its IPO), the possible change is […]

Improving Your AdWords Quality Score

July 26, 2012 No comments yet

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is without a doubt the fastest way to drive traffic to your website, and is especially effective when running a targeted campaign for a specific service offered.  However, those with limited marketing dollars are often understandably concerned about spending too much per click.  In this article, we’ll take an in […]

Managing and Optimizing Your Pay Per Click Campaign

May 1, 2012 No comments yet

This is the third installment of our Pay Per Click tutorials, and it is also the most advanced.  If you are just starting out in the world of PPC and have not already done so, we highly recommend a thorough reading of the first two parts of our series before continuing any further.  “Introduction to […]

AdWords Bidding, Targeting & Quality Score

March 9, 2012 No comments yet

In a previous article titled Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising, we outlined many of the basic concepts involved with PPC campaigns.  If you are just starting out and have not already done so, we highly recommend a thorough reading to gain a firm understanding of these ideas before continuing.  In this tutorial we will […]

Facebook Introduces New Ad Formats

February 27, 2012 No comments yet

On February 29th, Facebook is set to unveil a revamped version of premium ads on their Pay Per Click platform1. The change is expected to increase ad performance by 40-80%2, and with no increase in cost to advertisers (except an increase in clicks) this is a win-win.

Deploy Marketing Becomes A Google AdWords Certified Partner

February 20, 2012 No comments yet

Santa Rosa, CA – February 21, 2012 Deploy Marketing, a multi-vertical Internet advertising company announced today that it has recently achieved the Google AdWords Certified Partner status. The Google AdWords Certified Partner recognition is part of Google’s AdWords Professional program, which certifies companies as being qualified to manage AdWords accounts Under Google’s


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